Who buys broken TV near me?





Unfortunately we can not afford to purchase every broken tv in our city. Here are some necessary requirements for us to purchase your TV:


Type of TV's: Only LED Tv's

Brands: Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio

Size: Greater than 46 inches


Condition: Only Tv's with cracked screen that still show a sign of powering up.

Age: Tv's manufactured in 2014 or newer

Chicago residents only


We will NOT buy TV's that:

Have been exposed to the weather (rain, snow, etc)

Show signs of infestation.

Broken or missing rear connectors (HDMI input, antenna connector)

We conduct a very thorough inspection before we purchase the TV



What TVs we buy?


Currently we are only buying LCD, LED and Plasma televisions that are 10 years old or less. All sets must be free of water damage or rust. BROKEN SCREENS OK! 



32″-39″ ……………….$2


55″ and up……………….$10


Please remember we CANNOT buy your TV if:

  • Has water damage
  • Its over 10 years old
  • Its smaller than 32”
  • Its CRT Direct view
  • You are under 18 years old




Having a television with a broken screen leaves you with not many repair options.

Here at 4BSTV for Cash, we would like to not only make you a cash offer,

but also ask you to help limit the e-waste (electronic waste) that ends up in landfills.




By selling your broken screen tv for some cash or dropping it off at an electronics recycle center, you are helping to reduce the production of new material (circuit boards, wires, etc).



E-Recyclers and Electronic shops (including big chain stores) will salvage functioning parts and reuse them to save another tv life.



The use of existing left material will be processed to make new products



Is you LCD or LED HDTV not working or has cracked, broken or defective screen? 
Don't throw it out, it may be worth something! Sell it to us instead! 
email your model number and what is wrong with your TV to: 

We make AS IS cash offers only, we are not a repair service/shop.

How it works:
  1. You email us model number of your TV located on the sticker on back of it

  2. Include description of what is wrong with your TV with the text

  3. We might ask you additional questions

  4. We send you a cash offer usually same day

  5. If you accept, we will pick up the TV from you for free, usually over the weekend

Some of our restrictions:
  • We pick up LCD and LED HDTVs only. We no longer pick up Plasma, Projection (DLP) or Tube (CRT) TVs.

  • We do not buy working TVs. Only non functional, broken, cracked or defective panel HDTVs.

  • We pick up TVs that are between 32" and 50" in diagonal. We sometimes pick up TVs up to 60" but it is rare.

  • We generally make offer on TVs that are between 2 and 7 years of age. Seldom we go outside of that range.

  • We make offer on TVs that have value, ei we can make some money. This is for profit business after all.

  • Not sure about your TVs restrictions? Contact us anyway, and we will take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you make cash offers on all not working and broken TVs? 

No. see our general restrictions above for details.

How do I know if I have cracked or broken panel/screen/display on my TV? 

If you see colored lines, spider web like formation, lines or bars, you probably have cracked or defective panel. See example images of TVs with cracked/defective displays.

Can cracked/broken/defective screens/panels/displays be repaired? 

No. Cracked screens cannot be repaired only replaced. It is very rare to find compatible panel replacement for a TV, and if you do, it generally costs more than the TV is worth functional. It is almost never cost effective to replace a broken panel on a TV.

I have a almost brand new TV with cracked screen, it must be worth a lot right? 

Well, not really. Here is why. TV with cracked panel are good for parts only (see question above as to why). Parts can be sold only to those who have same or very similar make and model of the TV whose internal parts begin to fail. However, parts from working TVs will not start to go bad until TV is several years old. So, if you TV is few months old, it will take few years before anyone needs parts, hence the parts are worth very little.

How much can I get for my TV? 

That is difficult to answer. TVs with cracked/broken screens are like cars without engines, and not worth much pass spare parts. On average we offer anywhere from $5 - $30 for such TVs. TVs that can be repaired have offers ranging from $10 - $100 on average. All offers depend on size, age, make, model and nature of the problem.

Do you offer repair service on TVs? 

No. we do not offer repair service or diagnostics on TVs. Only as is cash offers with free pick-up.

Can you recommend a TV repair shop or service in Phoenix? 

There are several TV repair shops and services in city of Phoenix, however we are not associated with any service locations.

What brands do you make offers on? 

We will make offer on any brand that has value in it. We generally see Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Visio, Phillips, RCA, Sony and others.

What do you do with the TVs? 

If the TV can be repaired, we will do our best to repair it. We do not offer repair service for hire; only as is cash offers. If the TV cannot be repaired, we disassemble the TV, remove functional components and recycle the rest.




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